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Setting the Foundations

February 8, 2011
Here’s a bunch of photos which prove that we have actually been quite busy this past couple of months and which should give us enough of an excuse for not sending Christmas cards?
Here you will see us shovelling gravel and building our first farm building, a 10 by 12 pre-cut shed from Lowes, sweet.
This is a big pile of gravel.

This is where I stare at the big pile of gravel, challenging it to a shovel-off.

Lex and the new wheelbarrow making short work of the pile.

45 barrow-loads later and the pile was still there, all 25 tonnes of it.

As usual Skye found a job as foreman.

No sooner were we done than we found that someone had dumped another pile of gravel. "Dam you gravel delivery guy!"

D.J. and Chopper came out on Chrismas Eve to help us build the shed. Chopper and Skye couldn't quite work out who was foreman on this job, too many cooks and all that....but without D.J's help we'd still be out there trying to work out the instructions.

We spent Christmas Eve, and the best part of Christmas and Boxing day building our barn/shed/man-cave.

After less than a day, we had four walls and a floor. I'm not sure if any of the three little pigs would choose this as their shelter against the Big Bad Wolf but at least it's a start.

ZZ Truck and Skye working hard while the wheelbarrows take a well-deserved smoke-o.

I'm scared of heights so Lex was designated roofer.

No paint, no door, but chuffed nonetheless on a job well done - our first farm building.

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  1. Tom permalink
    February 14, 2011 8:10 pm

    From humble beginnings come mega-great to mongo-mega spectacular things!

    As Chuck Norris used to say when we were in the Rangers,

    “Never judge a man’s ranch by the size of his barn…but if you have to, yeah sure, go ahead!”


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