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The Amazing Adventures of Sandy Belle: pt1

July 14, 2010

During her 32-year journey from Florida to California, Sandy Belle has seen some rough times and some fun times. As we have been getting to know her over the last month she’s told us quite a bit about her travels and life before The Robertson’s. In her early years she lived with the wind in her TV antenna and sand between her hub caps on the Florida coast. She spent some time with a photogenic couple and their two little boys, one of whom was apparently born within her aluminium shell. Together they spent their days being photographed in either their underwear or their Sunday best, all the while reading the romance novels of the great Georgina Gentry. Later, having left Florida and the comfort of her childhood behind, she upped stabilizers to the bluegrass state of Kentucky.  Sandy Belle was soon picked up by a local horse trainer and travelled the length and breadth of ” Ol’ Huckity” with his merry band of jockeys, gamblers, and tobacco-spittin’ shoe polish salesmen. At this time in her life, Sandy Belle became quite the connoisseur of eighties fashion, leaving the frills and charm of the seventies behind her and taking on a bolder, more outgoing appearance (one must suppose) to  blend in with the garishness, mullets, and plastic-lined cabinetry of the times. She especially liked to be seen around the racetracks wearing nothing but her brown and pink striped nylon sofa-bed cover and pink flamingo curtains.

Her high-rolling lifestyle and exclusive travels in the South were to come to an end when her owner brought her up to California. Here she found herself a large oak tree where she could while away the days in the shade watching the goats and emus romp around in the golden fields nearby. The same oak tree that provided her with shelter from sun and rain also took on the persona of a womping willow and left poor Belle with some nasty scratches and dents and a hull full of bloody acorns. During her days under the oak tree, Sandy Belle also fell in with a band of migrant farmworkers. These hard-working fellas didn’t care much for Belle’s glamorous past in the racetracks, beach-side campgrounds, and Wal-Mart car parks of the American South, and simply trod oil, cow poo, and every other  sort of  mucky substance all over her plush interior. It was in this state, covered in the grime and dirt of a hundred dirty boots, filled with the sand of a thousand Florida beaches and the acorns of one gigantic oak tree that Sandy Belle came into our possession.

This collection of stories, photies, and otherwise interesting blog entries, will depict our efforts to restore Sandy Belle back to her former glory, and transform her into her new, 21st century, Californian Airstream persona.

enter at your own risk

the galley cabinets and through to cabin


front room and door

current view from front door

Front end

Sandy Belle inside out

As of right now, all major interior fixings are outside. We took out the bed and the sofa-bed to gain access to the floor and repair some water damaged flooring and fix the problems that became apparent after the floor was removed – talk about digging yourself a hole. It appears that most structural issues are fairly minor (or at least can be made to appear so with a little paint and glue!). We are trying to spend our time getting her to a state that is both aesthetically livable and safe, but will, over time, polish her nails and get her ship-shape and bristol fashion.

Stay tooned.

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  1. sally permalink
    July 14, 2010 10:02 pm

    Loved your story of Sandy’s history. You can spin quite the yarn for an eejit! Keep it coming. Great entertainment!

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